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How to quote the dictionary

  • Wilbur, Joshua 2013-2022: Nähttadigibáhko Pite Saami-English dictionary. Tromsø: UiT. URL: http://bahkogirrje.oahpa.no
  • Wilbur, Joshua 2013-2022: Nähttadigibáhko Pitesamisk-norsk. Tromsø: UiT. URL: http://bahkogirrje.oahpa.no
  • Wilbur, Joshua 2022: Nähttadigibáhko Pitesamiska-svenska. Tromsø: UiT. URL: http://bahkogirrje.oahpa.no


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Linguistic basis

Write whatever you want in Pite Saami, and the dictionary will analyze it to break apart compound words and find base forms.

→ «manaj» V Ind Prt Sg3
→ «mannat»
→ fara, gå

Source material

The Pite Saami dictionaries are primarily based on Pitesamisk ordbok samt stavningsregler (2016, edited by J. Wilbur), which itself is essentially a revised and edited version of the wordlist collected by the project Insamling av pitesamiska ord between 2008 and 2012 by N.-H. Bengtsson, M. Eriksson, I. Fjällås, E.-K. Rosenberg, G. H. Sivertsen, V. Sjaggo, D. Skaile and P. Steggo. However, these online dictionaries are being corrected, updated and improved, and new entries are being added as well, all on a regular, ongoing basis by J. Wilbur in partial collaboration with P. Steggo and O. Utne, and of course thanks to infrastructure support by Giellatekno. Rules for wordform analyses and generation are maintained by J. Wilbur. Another searchable version of the same database but including grammatical information, many audio files and some entries containing phrases or wordforms can be accessed at the website Bidumsáme Báhkogirrje.

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